Will Ferrell the funny man was voted the worst autograph signer of 2007, born Irvine, California 16th July 1967.

His early career was studying sports Broadcasting which lead him to graduate with a degree in sports information.

He became a member of the comedy Group 'The Groundlings' which kick-started his Talent for comedy.

Saturday Night Live came his big break which he joined in 1995 and went on to be a part of the show for 7yrs, it was during this time he would make a name for himself with impersonations.

He would appear in numerous films during his time on SNL, most notably Austin Powers.

His first starring role would be the 2003 film old school, elf was to follow, Will also spends his time 'voice acting' for animated T.V shows.

Will is married to Swedish actress Viveca Paulin, they have 2 sons.

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