Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham or simply Posh , Shows that Talent is not a prerequisite for so-called fame and fortune in this day and age, and Mrs Beckham is living proof of this.

From her fashion faux pas to her Fake hair, fake nails, fake tan, fake boobs, has made her one of the most hated women in the entertainment industry.

She not only had a night of passion in brooklyn she most certainly has an ego the size of brooklyn.

Hard working mother?, or just one very lucky lady who just happens to be in the right place at the right time living off the proceeds of the spice girls and the fame of David, all this combined has created a horrible monster who thrives on media attention.

Didn't Victoria talk about doing anything to protect her children from the publicity, then make Elton John and hubby or was it Liz Hurley Godparents!

Pathetic names for her children, we have seen it all before victoria, you are not the first!Maybe spending over £100,000 on some play castle for her sons birthday isn't what you would call a flamboyant spender, strange when she always says she is not extravagant.

Let's face it posh, you are fakeness personified

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