paul weller

by Tracy

me and paul at brussels

me and paul at brussels

He travelled on the Eurostar train to Brussels and I met him when we were walking off the train. I had seen him earlier when he was getting on the train and was quite excited to see him as he does stand out with his hair and clothes and I do like his music. He was with a group of musicians/friends and we were all waiting for the lift down to the station. He appeared relaxed, open and friendly as did his friends and they all smiled at me and started to engage in a conversation. Whilst travelling in the lift I told him that I had read an article about him earlier in the week and joked with him about it. He quite clearly had a bit of an ego and was showing off a bit as most people who are famous do but was relaxed enough to banter with. He was keen to hug me (!) and give me a peck on the cheek and then quite happy to have a photo taken with my camera phone (I have this if you want it)! He said he was off to Antwerp to do a gig and I should go along as I do like his music. I'm not sure I had huge expectations of him to be honest as I am not really a star struck kind of person or hero worshipper. I suspect this is why I found him easy to talk to as well. I have friends who tell me they would not know what to say to him because they love him to bits. I felt quite pleased that you could engage with him naturally though and banter as you would with anyone. He seemed quite keen to be recognised but was friendly enough if you wanted to talk.

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