Jennifer Lopez, or commonly known as J.LO, is the one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and the most successful Latin actress in the history of Hollywood, as well as being a hugely successful recording artist.

Born in The Bronx 24th July 1969, early life she started to dance in nightclubs, as well as working in a legal office, she eventually auditioned for dance roles and appeared in numerous Rap Videos, as well as backup dancing for 'new kids on the block and janet jackson.

Her high profile status came when she appeared as a "fly girl" dancer in the comedy program in living colour in 1990

After a few minor TV roles and made for television films she hit the big time in the mid 90s starring in films such as my family and the money train, with selena being nominated for a golden globe, she has had a few critically-acclaimed films such as,out of sight, shall we dance, with a few commercial disappointments.

Jennifer's albums have sold over 48 million, and is estimated to have well over 100 million in wealth which puts her in the top 20 of the Richest women in the industry.

Many high publicized relationships have followed her, she is currently on her 3rd marriage to Marc Anthony and has recently given birth to twins.

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