celebrity top 10 The Best and Worst autograph signers as voted by 'Autograph magazine’s Annual' 10 Best & 10 Worst Hollywood Signers lists

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Top 10 Best Hollywood celebrity autograph signers

Johnny Depp, 3rd year in a row Johnny once again shows he has time for his fans

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Matt Damon, 'Good Matt Damon'

George Clooney,George makes the top 3

Jack Nicholson,As Good as It Gets for Jack

Rosario Dawson, Wonder woman in the making

John Travolta,staying alive in the Top 10

Katherine Heigl,The beauty gets in at no 7

Jay Leno,Funny man makes the top 10

Dakota Fanning, charming Dakota even has time for her fans

Russell Crowe,Gladiator star peaks at 10

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