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Let's take a short break from celebrity gossip and have a laugh with some of these funny videos.

cybersex mistake

Funny cyber video, young lad upstairs on p.c, gets a shock when he is called downstairs for his dinner.

Milk with my coffee please

Check this video out,waitress gives the customers more than they bargained for.

The Misunderstanding

Guy waiting at traffic lights along with two women
watch what happens next!

Magic strip show

Strange but funny magic strip show.

Funny Video

Woman gets her handbag stuck
watch what happens when some flasher comes along!

Naked Blind girl

Watch the guys faces in the changing Rooms
when a naked blind girl walks in!

Funny Duracell commercial

Duracell Rabbit lol

Banned commercial

Flavored Condoms

Check out some blooper videos

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